Best Foldable Camping Beds for the UK in 2020 (August Update)

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Best Foldable Camping Beds for the UK in 2020 (August Update)

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Taking a camping trip shouldn’t leave you dreading a series of poor nights’ sleep.

Having a decent folding bed as part of your camping gear will make your experience that much more enjoyable. For anyone sleeping on cold, wet or rough ground, a raised bed is a must.

With so many options on the market, it’s hard to find the right mix of comfort and convenience. Too bulky and you won’t be able to carry it, but too lightweight and it might not hold you.

Weight, pack-down size, materials and rigidity, and length should all be taken into account.

Much like inflatable camping pads and sleeping bags, it will come down to personal preference and the environment in which the bed will be used.

On the whole, foldable beds are best suited to trips where camp will be in the same place each night, rather than constantly on the move.

The good news is that a decent-quality bed won’t break the bank and you can even pull it out of your tent in the day to act as a make-shift sun lounger.

Below we’ve listed some of the best foldable camp beds and cots on the market right now.

They range in versatility and portability but all are comfier than you’d expect. If you’re not sure what traits might be important to you, scroll down to our buying guide.

Top 3 Best-Sellers

SaleBestseller No. 1
Milestone Camping Unisex's Flocked Airbed ~ Single, Blue
2,116 Reviews
Milestone Camping Unisex's Flocked Airbed ~ Single, Blue
  • USES - This comfortable airbed is perfect for camping trips,...
  • WATERPROOF - The waterproof flocked top ensures that the air...
  • QUICK TO INFLATE & DEFLATE - The air bed has a built in...
  • SIZE - Once inflated the air bed reaches a size of 191 x 73...
  • STRONG & DURABLE - The air bed has strong vinyl coil beam...
SaleBestseller No. 2
JAY-BE Value Folding Bed with Breathable Airflow Mattress, Fabric, Black, Single
1,692 Reviews
JAY-BE Value Folding Bed with Breathable Airflow Mattress, Fabric, Black, Single
  • Dimensions opened: Height 39 cm, width 70 cm, length 186 cm
  • British made with lifetime frame guarantee
  • Exceeds British and European safety standards, suitable for...
  • Breathable fibre mattress, compact design for easy storage
  • Made from JAY-BE Aqualast fabric with a lifetime guarantee
SaleBestseller No. 3
Milestone Camping 20260 Folding Camp Bed ~ Portable, Outdoor, Indoor ~ Aluminium, Green, H42 x W64 x L189cm
291 Reviews
Milestone Camping 20260 Folding Camp Bed ~ Portable, Outdoor, Indoor ~ Aluminium, Green, H42 x W64 x L189cm
  • The perfect portable, folding bed for all different...
  • The bed is lightweight yet durable and comes with a 600D...
  • Assembled Size: H.42cm x W.64cm x L.189cm
  • There is a maximum weight limit of 110kg for the bed.
  • For more camping and outdoor products please visit the...

1. KingCamp Ultralight

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Key features:

  • Best for: Lightweight
  • Dimensions: 190cm x 64cm x 12cm
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Load capacity: 120kg

For backpacking trips that involve camping in a new destination each night, traveling light is crucial and that’s where KingCamp’s Ultralight comes in.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the most efficient beds we’ve encountered and any hiker wanting to shave some weight off your inventory, look no further.

It’s easy to pitch (once you’ve done it a few times), it packs down small, and despite weighing just over two kilograms, it can take a load of up to 120 kilos.

The dimensions are also long enough and wide enough to comfortably fit almost anyone.

The thickened Oxford cloth material is anti-tear and wearable, making it both durable and breathable.

Accidentally leaving it out in a rain shower or spilling a drink on it won’t be an issue as it can be wiped clean or simply left to dry.

Anti-slip elastic straps and a pillow bag help to keep your other bedding in place and the frame is made of anti-rust and high strength aerial aluminum alloy.

It doesn’t offer any thermal insulation so is best paired with a roll mat unless being used solely in the summer months.

Once constructed, it sits nice and low, fitting comfortably inside almost any tent.

Obviously 2.2 kilograms adds more to your load than a roll mat but the tradeoff is a decent night sleep on rough, wet ground.

Due to its lightweight build, it is by no means the comfiest option in our lineup. That said, paired with an ultralite inflatable mattress and pillow, it would be hard to fault it as the ultimate backpacking companion.

Available in a range of colours, the KingCamp Ultralight is overall a fantastically light camp bed.

  • Compact
  • Water-resistant
  • Stable
  • Not as comfortable
  • Lack of assembly instructions

2. Campart Travel BE-0641 Camping Bed Verona

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Key features:

  • Best for: Tall campers
  • Dimensions: 190cm x 64cm x 43cm
  • Weight: 7.9kg
  • Load capacity: 120kg

A well-designed, foldable camping bed from Dutch manufacturer Campart, the BE-0641 Verona is simple in its design but ticks plenty of boxes.

Its length and width are suited to even the tallest of adults, the steel frame is powder coated to prevent rusting and its fold-out mechanism is quick to set up.

The additional height allows campers to sit on it to put on socks/shoes without constantly dropping to floor level (good for anyone with back issues) and there is good storage space underneath the bed.

The 600D polyester surface is easy to wipe down and tough in nature but a thin inflatable mat on top of the bed would boost its comfort significantly.

190 centimetres long when folded out makes it a sound choice for taller campers but due to its height you should check your tent dimensions before buying, as you won’t want the bed to be poking into the sides of the tent.

With self-adjusting legs, the bed is stable on any surface or uneven ground and folds easily into the included carrier bag.

When folded, the packed dimensions of the bed are just 14 x 14 x 96cm, making it easy to transport and store.

The downside is that it’s not particularly light, so you wouldn’t want to be carting it for miles through the backcountry.

For ease of use this is one of our favourite options, but be prepared to pay the price in extra weight.

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Adjustable legs
  • Anti-rust design
  • Heavy for what it offers comfort-wise

3. NGT Specimen Reclining Bedchair

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Key features:

  • Best for: Maximum support and use as chair
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 200cm x 37cm
  • Weight: 8.3kg
  • Load capacity: 130kg

If you’re looking for a good night’s sleep and a comfortable resting place during the day – look no further.

The Specimen Reclining Bedchair with pillow from NGT is a versatile option that is easy to put up and adjust, and comfortable to sleep on.

Large mud feet allow it to be used directly on the outside ground during the day and spread the load of your weight to remove the risk of tearing your groundsheet.

As the name suggests, a bedchair can be used as either a bed or chair. NGT’s Specimen is a quality bed and does not wobble around as you get onto it.

During the day it can be adjusted to sit up at any angle you require.The quick lock reclining system is easy to use and eliminates the chance of suddenly falling back when the chair is loaded up.

The built-in pillow is good enough for day use but we’d suggest bringing a supplementary one for sleeping on at night, particularly for side sleepers.

Adjustable legs can be extended to level out the bedchair and all-over cushioning makes it comfortable during long periods of relaxation.

But with extra padding comes extra bulk – reflected in the bed’s weight. That said, it folds down to around 60 centimetres square and about 20 centimetres thick.

This makes it easy to store, though a bag would have been a nice bonus.

The main down side is that if you want to replace a missing part it will cost nearly as much as buying a new bed altogether.

Another great option for tall individuals, this bedchair might be heavy but it is incredibly useful.

  • Versatile – useful in day and at night
  • Long and strong
  • Heavy
  • Expensive to replace broken parts

4. Outwell Posadas Foldaway Double Bed

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Key features:

  • Best for: Double bed/couples
  • Dimensions: 132 x 192 x 45 cm
  • Weight: 13.5kg
  • Load capacity: 2 x 125 kg

The Outwell Posadas is a high-strength, raised double camp bed for couples. Each side is built to hold up to 125 kilograms, so it’s definitely a sturdy bed.

Durable high strength steel frames ensure reliable performance and the polyester fabric is tear-resistant.

At 13.5 kilograms it’s definitely chunky but for a double camp bed that’s actually really light and it packs down to 20 x 27 x 97 centimetres.

The biggest downside to this bed is the solid steel bar that runs down the middle. This is critical when supporting so much weight but limits sleeping body arrangements.

If you’re a couple looking for a more intimate experience, a thick topper would be needed.

Nine legs keep the whole thing stable, even as one of you tosses and turns during the night.

The symmetric build means that it could be used by just one person without tipping up, but the middle bar prevents you starfishing out.

The bed is quick and easy to put up and down and being off the floor makes a huge difference to camping comfort.

Backpackers will savour the extra space in the tent freed up by being able to store items underneath it.

Our top recommendation would be to buy some castor cups, feet blocks or carpet pieces to place under the feet to prevent damage to the tent floor.

  • Easy to erect
  • Super strong
  • Small feet could damage groundsheet
  • Bar running down middle

5. Camping Bunk Bed with Carry Bag

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Key features:

  • Best for: Bunk
  • Dimensions: 197cm x 78cm x 86cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Load capacity: Combined weight of 160kg

This Camping Bunk Bed is ideal for small-sized tents to free up some extra room. Fitting two beds into the space of one is ideal for families who typically struggle with space.

Each bunk can support up to 80 kilograms, making it suitable for most adults and great for children.

The frame is sturdy, with the first bunk being 23 centimetres off the floor and the second bunk 53 centimetres above that.

The polyester sheets are comfortable enough to allow for a good nights sleep. Due to its increased height, it will only fit in larger tents or would need to go in the middle of the compartment.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not easy to put together and requires a spanner and two people.

Even when folded down the carry bag is 192 centimetres long, making it difficult to transport and could be considered too cumbersome for regular camping trips.

Weighing in at 12 kilograms, this bed will definitely be a car-to-tent option only. For anyone who wants to be space-savvy then this bunk will do the trick but for those who require portability, look elsewhere.

  • Sturdy
  • Saves space in the tent
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to put together

6. SoBuy Two-Person Foldable Camping Tent with Bed

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Key features:

  • Best for: Hybrid foldable bed and tent
  • Dimensions: 193cm x 145cm x 188cm
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Load capacity: 300kg

Ideal for outdoor adventures, this SoBuy Camping Tent with Bed is the only piece of gear you’ll need in the back of your car for a weekend away.

This hybrid model combines a 190T polyester fabric tent, bed frame and inflatable mattress and pillow.

Although the bed itself might not be on par with some of the other options in our lineup, the combination of parts come together to create a simplified camping experience.

The tent has PU coating for extra durability, UV-blocking and anti-oxidation. A large door and two windows with integrated mosquito nets allow plenty of ventilation.

The bed itself is made of powder-coated iron tubes with a durable Oxford fabric sheet.

This would be comfortable enough to sleep on with a thin mat or you can opt for the included mattress, inflated using the foot pump supplied.

Once folded, the bed and tent fold down to 101 x 46 x 24 centimetres, which we didn’t think was too bad all things considered and the carrying bag helps with storage.

Though it is designed for two people, and can comfortably fit a couple, it could also be used by single travelers. A bit fiddly to put up solo (yet doable) it could be used as a spare camp bed if needed without the tent part.

The SoBuy Tent with Bed is a unique option that brings something different to the table but is not a particularly portable model.

  • All-in-one design easier than buying separate parts
  • High load capacity
  • Comfortable
  • Overkill for most people
  • Very heavy
  • Fiddly to put up

7. TF Gear Flat Out SuperKing Bed

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Key features:

  • Best for: Comfort and support
  • Dimensions: 206cm x 82cm x 27.5cm
  • Weight: 10.1kg
  • Load capacity: 150kg

Originally designed for fishing, TF Gear’s range has quickly become popular with campers thanks to its high levels of comfort.

Its advanced tension system gives perfect lumbar support for back or side sleepers and the alloy frame provides durable strength up to a whopping 150 kilograms.

It is extra wide and padded, and the luxury pillow gives neck support. The fully sprung nature of the bed makes it perfect for people with a bad back or anyone who has trouble sleeping out in the wilderness.

Although it doesn’t quite match the dimensions of a real king mattress, this SuperKing Bed is definitely one of the biggest models on the market.

Hikers of any height can curl up at the end of the day without hanging over the end or sides of the bed

TF Gear uses fabrics and fillings that make you feel like you’re dozing on a sumptuous mattress and the materials help to regulate body temperature.

The fully-adjustable legs provide level positioning on any terrain and a tray can be fitted to the right-hand side for resting glasses, a book or drink on.

That said, take care with drinks as it’s not an easy one to clean or dry out due to its thickness.

The legs can be extended so that height off the ground is increased from 27.5 centimetres to 41 centimetres, allowing you to swing your legs over the side and stand up with ease.

At either height, the substantial amount of space between the floor and bed mean that cold, damp ground won’t affect your core body temperature.

Obviously the major gripe is that it isn’t suitable for long-distance camping trips or backpacking because of its weight and bulk.

Folded down it comes to around 92 x 80 x 37 centimetres, but we would say it’s well worth the space it takes up. TF Gear doesn’t supply a carrying/storage bag, but these can be bough inexpensively online.

Whether you’re camping out, fishing or just need an extra bed at home, this is an excellent choice of bed for a bad back.

  • Long and wide – perfect for sleeping in any position
  • Sprung design for extra comfort
  • Padding makes it hard to clean
  • Heavy/bulky

8. KingCamp Oversized XXXL Strong Deluxe Camping Bed

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Key features:

  • Best for: Long and strong
  • Dimensions: 205cm × 75cm × 46 cm
  • Weight: 9.7kg
  • Load capacity: 120kg plus

Similar to the TF Gear Flat Out SuperKing, the Oversized XXXL bed is both long and wide to allow for plenty of movement without the risk of capsizing.

However, it folds down much smaller than the SuperKing, packing down to 102 × 14 × 22 centimetres. This makes it easier to store and transport, though 9.7 kilograms is definitely too heavy to hike with.

The setup and dismantling is ingeniously simple – unlike some of the competitors further up the list. Just open/close and clamp these short bars and you’re done.

This time-saving setup is ideal when arriving at camp after a long day of travel.

A reinforced steel assembly provides ultimate strength and stability for campers of any build.

The high-strength steel tubes bracket and triangle structure design, combined with 600D Oxford canvas, create a durable camp cot that will last for years to come.

The canvas is elasticated for comfort as well as being wear and water-resistant and nicely breathable.

No tools are needed and the side pockets are convenient for little things like a mobile phone, book, torch or keys.

Our only complaint is that for such a simple build and average built-in comfort, it seems unnecessarily heavy.

  • Packs down well
  • Water and wear-resistant
  • Solid design for extra strength
  • Final tensioning in setup requires a lot of strength
  • Heavy

What should you look for in a foldable camping bed?

Lots of people opt for air mattresses or camping pads over beds as they tend to be lighter are a lot more compact.

However, they can deflate through the night, offer minimal support and transfer your heat to the cold ground below.

If you’re going to be camping for a number of nights and don’t intend to travel light and fast, consider a fold out bed. Below are the key factors to take into consideration before you buy.


If you’re buying a camp bed, then comfort is clearly a priority and will depend on the materials used as well as the overall design.

Taut polyester will be one of the least comfortable, moving up through Oxford cotton and into fully padded designs.

Materials without any give will only be suitable for back sleepers. Some beds have built in cushions or sprung legs but note that features like these add bulk and weight.

Just remember that you will likely be using a sleeping bag and could easily add a lightweight topper or pad to boost any bed’s comfort.


For backpackers or those who will have to transport their bed often, choose a simplified, lightweight bed.

Those that will be camping in the same site throughout their trip have a little more leeway.

That said, even if you don’t plan to hike with it, you’ll still have to carry it some distance from your car to the campsite.

Just be prepared to make a tradeoff between weight and comfort. Anyone with a bad back will need lots of back support and that normally involves some sort of mattress and a hefty frame.

Packability and portability

Whether you’re camping or just using it at home, a camp bed has to be easy to put up and down.

Fiddling around with stiff latches at the end of a long day or realising you’ve left one of many poles at home can be frustrating. Where possible, choose something that requires no tools.

If you’ll be putting the bed in the back of your car and heading straight to one campsite then it might not be crucial to have one that packs down small and pops up in under a minute.

If you plan to travel by public transport or have tents and other equipment with you then look for something that packs down to 60 centimetres square or less and comes with a bag.


This one is relatively obvious – if you’re tall, look for a bed that is at least 190 centimetres in length to ensure you toes won’t be hanging off the end.

If you like to sleep on your side and pull your knees up then a wide camp bed will be equally important.

Having a sleeping area that is sufficiently wide enough for the odd toss and turn will lead to a better night’s sleep.

For those that have a bad back or knees, folding cots that come higher off the ground are a better choice.

Something around 40 centimetres will reduce the strain on your body when getting in and out of bed each morning.

Foldable Camping Beds- Amazon BEST Sellers

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