K2 Summit In Winter – A Mountaineering First Achieved!
21 January 2021
THE IMPOSSIBLE IS MADE POSSIBLE ! #K2winter - History made for mankind, History made for Nepal !🇳🇵🙏🏼🙌🏼#K2winter #K2winter2021https://t.co/dGCLFBOxB7 — Nirmal Purja MBE (@nimsdai) January 16,
14 January 2021
Summiting a mountain in snow can be a heart-stopping experience. Surrounded by the white stuff with horizons you just won’t see in summer - even on a UK mountain it is entirely different to what you’d
6 January 2021
Standing on the summit of Europe’s highest peak, enjoying views all the way to the Mediterranean on a clear day is to be at the apex of a climb that might have started six to nine months ago. If you’re looking
22 December 2020
This winter, teams are aiming to summit K2 in winter, one of alpinism's last great firsts! A summit of the last remaining member of the World’s 14 highest peaks which has yet to be scaled in winter, has long been
30 October 2020
An argument has begun which threatens the very nature of guiding on the highest peaks. Mountaineering guide Garrett Madison and tech CEO Zachary Bookman were supposed to summit Mount Everest together in September
30 October 2020
The Nepalese the government has been gradually reopening restricted tourism activities in its bid to revive the shattered industry. In a country so heavily-dependant on tourist coming to explore some of the most
5 August 2020
A mountain doesn’t have to be big to be mean. Some of the most difficult climbs in the world are not even on 8000'ers. Different routes can mean that one side of a mountain is totally manageable to ascend,
4 August 2020
During the first wave of strict Covid-19 lockdowns in late March, the only outings most of us could look forward to with some degree of certainty were trips to the supermarket. Aside from that, it has been an
20 July 2020
Being physically fit and being mountain fit are two very different things. Being mountain fit will allow you to move efficiently and safely over mountainous terrain, uneven rocky surfaces and endure continuous uphill
12 May 2020
In the ultimate display of strength, courage and refusal to give up, double amputee summits Everest. Almost 43 years after losing both of his feet scaling Mount Everest, Xia Boyu, a Chinese double amputee and avid