Skiing Down K2 – A World First!
29 November 2019
A skier has defied Himalayas’ K2 intimidating history and imposing slopes, to become first to climb the mountain and then slide down its entire 8,611 metres (28,251 ft) on skis for the first time in history. With
26 November 2019
There are 282 mountains of over 3,000ft tall in Scotland. Collectively they are named after the guy who first catalogued them all in a pamphlet in 1891 - Sir Hugh Munro. There has since been a
22 November 2019
Though Everest is 782 feet higher than K2, it is a gentle stroll in when fatality rates are compared to the ‘savage mountain’. Just 0.8% of Everest mountaineers are killed each season, compared to a 23% kill rate
20 November 2019
Though Mount Everest isn’t the hardest mountain on the planet to climb by any means, it is the highest, and draws hundreds of climbers and thousands of tourists every year. Most who visit are there just to see Base
11 November 2019
In a continent as vast as Asia, one of the best ways to truly experience its diversity is on foot. However, with 48 countries offering every type of landscape, it can be hard to know where to begin. From hot
7 November 2019
Everest, K2, Denali, The've probably heard of. How about Pumori, Khan Tengri, Ama Dablam and Nevado Huascarán? Climbing is physically and mentally strenuous, but there are climbs out there that
2 November 2019
High-altitude climbing is not something you want to take lightly. Guided high-altitude climbs started only a couple of decades ago, although now thousands of adventurers are scrambling up mountains as high as
29 October 2019
Sir Richard Branson, the 68-year-old billionaire Virgin owner was "seconds away from certain death" after being caught in a rockfall on Mont Blanc. The Challenge Richard was with a team of 13 which included
25 October 2019
Regardless of how you climb, what point you ascend to, and whether you go self-guided or as part of a tour - climbing Mount Everest is an expensive adventure. If you’ve got a limited budget then you should probably
25 October 2019
Recent deaths of alpinists once again raises questions over the dangerous pursuit of mountain climbing. An element of selfishness comes with the territory of being a climber - based on the time away from family and