Best Sleeping Mats for the UK in 2020 (October Update)
26 October 2020
After a long day hiking, climbing or exploring in the wilderness, the one thing that you don’t want to sacrifice is a good night’s sleep. Having a decent sleeping mat in your backpack can make all the difference
9 October 2020
It’s that time of year. Christmas is fast rolling around and the panic buying begins. The good news is, if your friend or family member loves hiking or climbing, there is an endless list of things that they may
8 October 2020
The best thing about hiking is that it can be done inexpensively, virtually anywhere and at any time of year - as long as you’re correctly prepared. Gloves are a crucial part of your cold weather gear, because
6 October 2020
You want to capture your trip in glorious definition but have been put off by those eye-watering DJI and GoPro prices. We don’t blame you. But unless you’re regularly throwing yourself out of planes or speeding
6 October 2020
As hikers, we spend a huge amount of money protecting our feet and bodies with the right boots, poles, thermals and shells. But how much time do we spend thinking about our eyes and vision? Some of us don’t even
6 October 2020
If you find yourself asking why you’d want to splash out on a running machine when you could just as easily run outside, there are a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s much easier on your body. All aspects of the
5 October 2020
When you are looking for ways to exercise at home, one of the best pieces of equipment for an all-round workout is an exercise bike. Not only does using an exercise bike target and tone the leg muscles, but it
21 September 2020
When planning a camping trip with the family, one of the most important decisions will be the sleeping arrangements. Unless you are bringing a campervan, this likely means that you will need to figure out which tent,
18 September 2020
If you have a desk job, or spend a long time on a computer, then you may be putting your health a risk by sitting for long periods. In addition, if you're looking to train for trekking and hiking, it's important
18 September 2020
With the rise of smartphones and their high-quality cameras, buying a travel camera has slipped down our priority list when we go abroad. However, if you’re splashing out a small fortune on travelling the