Best Down Jackets for the UK in 2021 (January Update)
27 January 2021
Down jackets provide you with the warmth you need while resting or climbing at higher altitudes where the cold will still get to you even when exerting yourself. There is nothing better for keeping you warm than a
26 January 2021
If you’ve done any hiking at all, you’ll be well aware that your choice of footwear is crucial. In fact it can be make or break in terms of both enjoyment and safety. Many casual hikers start out in regular
30 December 2020
The right pair of walking socks could make the difference between a painful slog and a comfortable trek. The wrong ones will leave your feet either too hot or cold, or blistered. The best socks will be the ones
9 December 2020
If you go camping regularly there’s no doubt that you’ve got all the basics under your belt. Camping stove? Check. Tent and sleeping bag? Check. Hiking boots, poles and backpack? Check, check, check. But
19 November 2020
When you’re heading out into the backcountry, taking enough water for a multi-day trip simply isn’t an option. The beauty of being out in nature is that there’s usually a water source from which you can
10 November 2020
Walkie talkies, known also as two-way radios, are incredible pieces of gear that are necessary for anyone heading off into unchartered territory. A two-way radio can be a life-saving device when exploring areas
5 November 2020
Trail running combines running and hiking on unpaved surfaces whilst getting back to the heart of nature. It works the legs and upper body and is far more scenic than the gym treadmill. Although you’d think
26 October 2020
After a long day hiking, climbing or exploring in the wilderness, the one thing that you don’t want to sacrifice is a good night’s sleep. Having a decent sleeping mat in your backpack can make all the
9 October 2020
It’s that time of year. Christmas is fast rolling around and the panic buying begins. The good news is, if your friend or family member loves hiking or climbing, there is an endless list of things that they may
8 October 2020
The best thing about hiking is that it can be done inexpensively, virtually anywhere and at any time of year - as long as you’re correctly prepared. Gloves are a crucial part of your cold weather gear, because