Best Lightweight Camping Stoves for the UK in 2020 (September Update)
2 July 2020
When you’ve been out on the trail for hours, or if you are camping overnight, it is nice to be able to have a hot brew or something warm to eat. No matter where you are, having a lightweight camping stove means
2 July 2020
The human body is made up of 60% water and we need two litres of the stuff on a daily basis just to continue functioning normally. If you’re hiking, trekking, mountaineering, cycling or running, this amount
29 June 2020
For urban exploration, a smartphone will do the trick but once you're out of cell range, a handheld GPS is what you need to keep you on track. GPS devices are infinitely better than even top-end phones in terms
29 June 2020
Although it’s nice to unplug and truly immerse yourself in nature, it’s important to have some sort of communication device with you should anything go wrong. Smartphones offer limited connectivity in the
23 June 2020
Hiking is an all-weather, all-season activity - as long as you have the correct kit. Light gloves are a crucial part of your gear, as they provide a much-needed shield against the sun, wind and rain. Whether you
22 June 2020
Whether you’re a rambler, a backpacker or a seasoned trekker, you may not yet have adopted hiking poles as an essential part of your kit – but there are more than a few good reasons as to why you
17 June 2020
For hikers, backpackers and survivalists around the world, the compass is old world tech that continues to thrive in the modern age thanks to its trustworthy utility and practicality. Unlike GPS units or mobile
16 June 2020
The idea behind a multi-tool is simple: always be prepared. And one of the most important things about planning for an outdoors trip is being prepared for any eventuality or emergency. The name says it all, a
12 June 2020
Sleeping bag liners are a crucial part of any hiker or backpacker’s kit. Packing down small and light, they are versatile across all seasons and can be used as a standalone sheet replacement in summer or a
4 June 2020
Cell phones require cellular towers and often run out of signal just when you need them most. This is where satellite phones come in. They enable you to make phone calls from almost anywhere in the world because