Best Filtered Water Bottles and Purifiers for 2020 (September Update)
19 May 2020
If you’re looking to keep yourself or the planet healthy, a reusable and purifying water bottle will be your new best friend. Whether you’re hiking in the outback or backpacking through a developing country,
9 May 2020
Whether your winter adventures take you to mountaintops, up and down snowy trails or simply along icy sidewalks, you’ll need some help staying upright. Crampons make it easier to walk, hike, run or climb in cold
9 April 2020
Whether getting into rock climbing for the first time or returning to the sport, the first piece of kit you should buy is a helmet. But not just any old helmet will do, as an ill-fitting or heavy helmet will
6 April 2020
On camping trips, a log or tree stump can often become the go-to seat, but nothing gives you the much-needed support and comfort after a day of activities quite like a camping chair. With many camping chairs on the
20 March 2020
With the summer season fast approaching, it won’t be long until you’re packing up and heading down to your nearest lake, reservoir or seaside destination to engage in some water sports. If you're heading out
17 March 2020
The most important part of your kit when you set off on the trail is a good pair of hiking boots. Everything else you can beg, borrow or steal but wearing the wrong pair of boots will only end in blisters and a
16 March 2020
For any outdoor adventurer, or really anyone that spends extended amounts of time away from a plug socket, a power bank is an absolute necessity. Power banks and portable chargers are one and the same, although as
10 March 2020
Gone are the days of pulling on whatever bag you could find, lumbering cross-country with an aching body and dumping it down in misery every night. Thanks to the increased demand for minimalist and ergonomically
28 February 2020
Taking in enough water each day is important not just for those who work-out every day or have active hobbies such as hiking; it’s also important for the everyday functions of your body, regardless of what your day
21 February 2020
If you’re like us, you’ll put extra effort and care into getting everything you need into a single carry-on bag, in order to avoid the hassle and delay of checking bags, picking them up, and lugging them along