The Best Camera Settings for Outdoor Photography
28 October 2020
So you’re going on the hiking or camping trip of a lifetime and you’ve splashed out on a high-quality travel camera or  dslr camera that will help you to capture it. But you’re feeling like you’ve got all
20 October 2020
These days kids are spending more and more time indoors, looking at a screen and are losing touch with nature. So you’re wondering when and how to introduce your little ones to the great outdoors. It can seem
9 October 2020
It’s that time of year. Christmas is fast rolling around and the panic buying begins. The good news is, if your friend or family member loves hiking or climbing, there is an endless list of things that they may
5 October 2020
The days are getting shorter and colder and it’s easy to lose motivation to hit the trails. But don’t let the frost keep you indoors. Hiking is a great way of staying fit and boosting your mental health over the
29 September 2020
Hiking is an incredible hobby, adventure activity and form of exercise. Whatever the reason you’re doing it, getting out and exploring the great outdoors nourishes both the body and mind. Getting into hiking
22 September 2020
There are all sorts of ways to do a W or O trek in Patagonia - so many ways it can be quite baffling! The first thing to know is that you can save over £1,000 per person by not taking a guided tour, though you will
21 September 2020
As much as you hope and pray to the weather gods, there’s a high chance that you’ll eventually get caught out in the rain. But you don’t have to let the dampness get you down. Knowing how to stay dry and
17 September 2020
Running is a great way to build muscle-strength for hiking and trekking adventures. A distance of 5 kilometres is something many beginner runners strive to achieve. The good thing about this distance is that it is
13 September 2020
Hiking and trekking is much more enjoyable when you are in good shape physically. Developing your strength and core-stability plays and important part in ensuring that you can challenge yourself and also make it down
4 September 2020
Accidents can happen at any time, especially outdoors. On a hike or a climb, your gear is exposed to the elements in a range of ways. Whilst fully protecting a camera may never be possible, it's down to you to