Why Hiking is the Ultimate Mind and Body Workout
7 August 2020
We all know that hiking is a good cardiovascular workout that allows us to build up fitness, muscle and strength. But there’s more to it than just keeping in physical shape. Alongside unforgettable views
17 June 2020
US explorer Colin O’Brady managed to cross 932 miles of ice-covered ground in 54 days, completing the first-ever unaided solo trek of Antarctica. Travelling alone and without any external help, O’Brady astonished
11 June 2020
From your first pair of toy binoculars as a kid, right through to the top-of-the-range options for seasoned trekkers and safari goers, binoculars are one of the ultimate adventure accessories. But with so many
4 May 2020
We're all stuck in, still dreaming of the mountains! So why not use this time to check out some of the best hiking, climbing and mountaineering films, to take you on an adventure from your armchair! Hiking &
21 April 2020
There is more to Las Vegas than being the ‘sin city’ of the planet. Behind the flashy clubs and uncensored nights, the place abounds in natural beauty. When in Vegas, you are only ever a few kilometers away
15 April 2020
On the 11 February the BBC reported that four tourists were rescued from the top of Ben Nevis after they got in danger in a blizzard. The weather is different on mountains, and here we will give you some explanation
3 April 2020
Packing for a walking holiday is no different than any other trip. You need to account for the destination’s climate, possible weather changes and planned activities, as well as how long you will be there and
31 March 2020
South America has always been a popular place for hikers looking for adventure, and rightly so. There are 12 independent countries in South America, and it is home to some of the most iconic landscapes, natural
27 March 2020
As spring arrives and the weather is (slowly) getting better, the possibilities to explore the outdoors grow ever more enticing. However, it’s safe to say that these days no one’s leaving home without their
24 March 2020
If you are planning a long day trek, or a multi-day trek, then you are going to have to carry some kit with you. How you pack for your trek can make a huge difference to how enjoyable it is. A heavy backpack can