Top 10 Hiking Trails in South America
31 March 2020
South America has always been a popular place for hikers looking for adventure, and rightly so. There are 12 independent countries in South America, and it is home to some of the most iconic landscapes, natural
24 March 2020
If you are planning a long day trek, or a multi-day trek, then you are going to have to carry some kit with you. How you pack for your trek can make a huge difference to how enjoyable it is. A heavy backpack can
17 March 2020
On the 11 February the BBC reported that four tourists were rescued from the top of Ben Nevis after they got in danger in a blizzard. The weather is different on mountains, and here we will give you some explanation
11 March 2020
New Zealand is one of those jewels that should be on every trekker’s bucket list. Famed the world over for its beauty in different forms, almost every trek and trail we detail here will give you something
5 March 2020
Long gone are the days when walkers take a map, a compass and a bar of Kendall Mint Cake and wander off into the wild. Now, even when we go hiking, our phones are almost always pinging off satellites and mobile
27 February 2020
So, what are the 10 best treks in Australia? In this vast country we’ve had a stab at showing you ten that range from the obscenely huge to four that are manageable in a two week break from your desk in the
24 February 2020
In March in the UK we are getting ready to stop hibernating from the foul rain and gales (less so the snow this year!). For those who like to escape the weather altogether we have selected four treks that will take
24 February 2020
Chile has always been a place to experience the raw nature of the wilderness, but it has not always been the most accessible. Now, with the addition of an epic 2800 kilometre trail, the Patagonian Route of Parks, the
20 February 2020
Scotland has a lot to offer families, from great camping to wildernesses that are just a stone’s throw from a warm bed in a B&B. There are some fantastic estates that are open to the public, as well as some
19 February 2020
Like their wines, when the French do walks they often take the lead in a very big way. France has a network of over 37,000 miles of long distance routes crisscrossing the country, managed and run by the French Hiking