Best Walks on the English South Coast
21 January 2021
The English South Coast is extremely varied thanks to its geology ranging from granite in the west to chalk in the east. With the geology comes different flora and fauna that live on it. This lends to a wide
14 January 2021
Summiting a mountain in snow can be a heart-stopping experience. Surrounded by the white stuff with horizons you just won’t see in summer - even on a UK mountain it is entirely different to what you’d
22 December 2020
Whether you have responded to a social media charity hike challenge or fancy exploring far off mountains on need to start somewhere. In this article we will look at everything from socks to backpacks and
17 December 2020
Hiking is a strenuous activity. It will affect most of your joints at some point but your knees will take the brunt of it. You may not be getting there in a hurry but that destination could be 20 miles that take
17 December 2020
Not all poles are designed for the same purpose. Trekking poles are designed to provide stability, whilst Nordic walking poles burn more calories and provide a good upper-body workout. When used correctly,
11 December 2020
Whether you’ve managed to take Covid in your stride or you’ve found yourself walking around the house with backpack and boots on, sipping on a reservoir whilst figuring out what meal to prepare on your camp stove -
8 December 2020
Walking is a great form of exercise for those who are out of shape or recovering from injury. It is a low impact activity that benefits both the body and mind. Not only will you burn calories and boost
30 November 2020
Hiking is undoubtedly the best way to take in our surroundings and appreciate nature. The more hikers in the world the better. But, not just any hikers - we need sustainable hikers. Many of the planet’s best
26 November 2020
The pandemic may have altered our demand for foreign travel but has not diminished our appetite for adventure. Luckily, there’s no need to head overseas to take on the latest and greatest outdoors challenge. An
22 November 2020
Solo hiking in the wilderness can be intimidating. What if you get lost? Or injured? Who will help you put up your tent in that howling storm? But this is outweighed by how empowering and peaceful it can