Summit K2 in Winter – One of Alpinism’s Last Great Firsts!

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Summit K2 in Winter – One of Alpinism’s Last Great Firsts!

This winter, teams are aiming to summit K2 in winter, one of alpinism’s last great firsts!

A summit of the last remaining member of the World’s 14 highest peaks which has yet to be scaled in winter, has long been an top objective for adventurous mountaineers.

Currently, four expeditions have set their sights on the world’s second-highest mountain, meaning that the so-called Savage Mountain will play host to nearly 60 climbers this winter!

Nirmal “Nims” Purja high on K2. Source: Purja/Instagram

In the mix is Nirmal “Nimsdai” Purja.

In 2019 he climbed all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks in six months and six days (as part of Project Possible), performing three rescues, and taking the most-shared photo in mountaineering history.

Nirmal “Nims” Purja on Everest. Source: Purja/Facebook

When he took that photo early in the morning of May 22, Purja, who goes by Nims, was already on his way down from the summit of Everest.

Nims has signaled his intent to climb K2 without supplemental oxygen—a new challenge for the speed-climbing phenomenon.

A fresh twist is his apparent plan to fly off the summit on a paraglider!

He is yet to announce his team, but his regular summit-partner Mingma David Sherpa has been practicing with a paraglider and has also confirmed his plans for Winter K2.

Mingma David is the youngest climber to collect all 14 8,000ers, and one of the strongest climbers in the game.

With the nucleus of an elite crew, they’ll have as good a chance as anyone to reach the summit this winter—especially if the teams cooperate.

Mingma David on the summit of Broad Peak. Source: mingma_david_sherpa/Instagram

Cooperation is key to any climb involving multiple expeditions, and Sherpa climbers are used to sharing trail-breaking and rope-fixing duties.

Other teams on the mountain this winter include the Seven Summit Trek’s 45-strong commercial expedition, including a compliment of 21 Sherpas.

If any team manages to summit the most challenging mountaineering obstacle on earth, in the depths of winter, it will be a fantastic accomplishment.

We wish all of the teams good luck on the mountain this winter!

Update – 28th December 2020

Nims has posted an update of his team of “brothers” getting in to position for their attempt…

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