The Best Hikes in Las Vegas

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The Best Hikes in Las Vegas

There is more to Las Vegas than being the ‘sin city’ of the planet.

Behind the flashy clubs and uncensored nights, the place abounds in natural beauty.

When in Vegas, you are only ever a few kilometers away from some incredible unique mountain hikes.

Here are the references of five picturesque trails that would make you include Las Vegas in your next itinerary.

Do You Need A Visa For Vegas?

This will depend on your citizenship, as well as the place that you are travelling from.

If you belong to any of the 37 countries, including the UK, which are included in the Visa Waiver Program, then you can apply for your Las Vegas Visa through ESTA.

Make sure if your ESTA is valid during your scheduled time of visit. If not, you will need to apply it again.

Bristlecone Trail

This trail, near the Spring Mountains, is characterized by Bristlecone pines.

They are an exotic alpine species. Some of them can live up to many hundreds of years old.

This is a moderately strenuous, yet delightful 6-mile loop trail, ideal for day hiking.

Lost Creek Falls

Located at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, this is a relatively easy trail to the cove.

With minimal elevation gain, it approximately takes an hour to cover the 2.4 km round trip.

The Lost Creek Falls is famous for its rare desert waterfall, which you can experience if you visit it in the right season. The natural rock formations are also a treat to the eyes.

There are several trails in the creek falls, but only one of them leads to the waterfall. If you visit there anytime from November to May, you can marvel at the beautiful cascade that forms there.

White Domes Loop

If you are a nature lover, then the outskirts of Las Vegas are a real treasure trove. There are some spots that you would hate to miss. This is an easy to hike loop trail that measures about 1.7 km.

Located near the valley of Fire State Park, it features an array of exclusive geological features. For example, you can find several formations of Aztec sandstone.

Also, there is a slot canyon that gives an excellent opportunity to nature photography lovers.

The surreal terrain gradually slopes down into a dreamy area that remains alight with vibrant hues.

South Loop Trail

This trail near Mount Charleston gives a fantastic hiking opportunity to the seasoned hikers.

Moderately challenging to cover, it heads to the summit of the highest peak in Las Vegas, Mount Charleston.

It can take about 7-8 hours to complete the trail out-and-back. The 27.4 km round trip is quite strenuous to cover.

With steep elevation, this route exposes the natural bounty of South Nevada that remains hidden otherwise.

As a bonus, the route also includes a lush bristlecone forest.

Mary Jane Falls Trail

Another moderately strenuous hike near Mount Charleston, Mary Jane Falls takes about a climb of about 1,100 feet in approximately 1.6 miles.

The well-defined trail with some switchbacks, the trail concludes to a cool cave, and a tiny waterfall.

It can be a bit crowded during the weekends.

However, the trail can be your quintessential hike to Mount Charleston, if you are traveling with your family.

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