Top 10 Hiking Trails

Checkout our Top 10 guides to the best hiking trails around the World

Top 10 Hiking Trails in the UK
With 15 gorgeous National Parks, we are spoiled for choice.

Get out and experince the best of British!
Top 10 Hiking Trails in Europe
Beautiful cities, stunning beaches and rich history.

There is much more to this continent than just sightseeing.
Top 10 Hiking Trails in Asia
From hot deserts to snow-capped mountains to dense rainforests.

There’s enough trekking in Asia to keep the most seasoned adventurers satisfied.
Top 10 Hiking Trails in North America
Every type of terrain and climate to choose from.

It's no wonder that millions of people from around the world hit the trails of North America each year.
Top 10 Exotic Hiking Destinations
Satisfy your craving for the unknown.

Top 10 exotic sites from around the World, famed for their challenging routes and majestic views.
Top 10 Hiking Trails in Wales
With its sometimes rugged terrain and beautiful valleys, Wales should be on the map for anyone who wants to do a multi-day hike.
Top 10 Hiking Trails in Hawaii
This stunning group of islands are home to many different landscapes, all of which are waiting to be explored.